Smile Anyway is working to create a Recovery Friendly Community to decrease overdoses, substance abuse, which would lower crime, and loss of life. This would create a more caring and compassionate environment, decrease the judgement, and stigma. The disease of addiction is a medical condition.

Smile Anyway incorporates the SMART Program for individuals in Recovery, families in need of support due to having an active loved one, or who has a loved one to the disease of addiction. Support will also be provided to adolescents to help build self confidence, and life skills to deal with the issues in todays environment .


Smile Anyway is creating a Recovery/Resource Community Center that offers supportive services for the different components of the drug epidemic.


The Board Member’s of Smile Anyway are mostly Branford Residents that are dedicated to community, and creating a Recovery Friendly Environment. All Board members bring different life experiences and diverse talent to our board which is evident by the different events Smile Anyway offers.

  • Amy Johansson

  • Kenny Orsene

  • Pat Andriole

  • Aly Katz

  • Tychiah Harrison

  • Robin Russo


We want express our appreciation to Attorney Robin Sandler for his belief in Amy’s determination and passion!