The Smile Anyway Program


Smile Anyway realizes that to have a successful transitional facility we must have a Recovery Friendly Community. Smile Anyway is committed to raising awareness, offering education, and bring our community together. Early this spring Smile Anyway will be offering SMART Recovery for Family and Friends, plus a group for intermedaite and high school aged kids.

Smile Anyway will work to break the relapse cycle after rehabilitation by offering a structured transitional facility by allowing uninterrupted continuum of care. This will be offered to young adults ages 18-28 with substance abuse & co-occurring issues, due to the 109% increase rate of drug addiction. By closing the gaps, without this often results in relapse (60-90%).

Smile Anyway will include family members in process (possible yearly retreats with other nonprofits), since family members are often not included in the rehabilitation process. The transitional facility will have meetings that include the young adults and family members to discuss the supports needed to enable positive family dynamics.

The Transitional Facility will engage individuals in building life and job skills. The young adults will be required to participate in community meetings that will occur frequently during the day, along with volunteering time in the community. Individuals will have a choice of continuing education, or receive help with career structuring,

 A professional team knowledgeable in substance abuse and addiction (interns from local colleges and LSW from the community) will assist individuals with supportive services. This will encourage Individuals after leaving transitional facility to be mentors at Smile Anyway, and help others transition into community.

Smile Anyway will explore and integrate all aspects, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being, with massage therapy, reiki, yoga, meditation, exercise (YMCA), art and music therapy, writing/journaling, farming and gardening, animal care, nutrition, hygiene, and household management. As a community the individuals will be given a budget to plan menus, shop, cook and clean. All individuals will be required to have dinner together.

12-Step meetings will be held daily at Smile Anyway. There will also be hours open to 12-Step members to socialize, and help build a new social network, form friendships, and have a sponsor to assist and guide through the recovery process.

Smile Anyway will continue to have fundraisers, apply for grants, and get financial donations so that this transitional facility will be available, and affordable to all young adults motivated for a new sober lifestyle.

Structured, stable environment with safety, trust, routine, and relationships based upon Maslow’s Theory of Needs.